ALLOY has a better insurance
model for your credit union.
Here's Why

Meet ALLOY Insurance Partners

A CUSO and division of Institution Solutions, a trusted advisor to credit unions since 1996.

What We Do:

ALLOY builds an independent insurance agency within your business to help you achieve critical goals.

How We Do It:

  • Grow your net income
  • Deepen member affinity
  • Improve member retention

ALLOY’s product offerings, technology platform and marketing materials are integrated into your brand. So every customer touch point has your name on it. Plus, we custom-fit the insurance products you can offer to align with your distinct member profile.

Your members can choose insurance that fits their lives.


Not a cookie-cutter experience

Your members are unique. That’s why ALLOY offers a full suite of personal and commercial products from top carriers, tailored to your member profile.

Seamless integration

Lead generation, marketing materials and analytics all fit your work flow. Members get branded offers, shop from your insurance website, talk with licensed agents and customer service reps all using your name.

Power of predictive analytics

ALLOY’s technology platform taps your member data along with 3rd party data. So we can target life milestones and buying patterns. Solicitations are personalized, timed and targeted.

End-to-end deployment

ALLOY manages all aspects of your insurance agency. We’ll create a CUSO or integrate with your existing CUSO. We’ll manage regulatory issues, warehouse your data and market your programs.

ALLOY is a better insurance model. Partnering with ALLOY allows you to grow net income and strengthen member affinity. Let us show you what it means to be...

Stronger together.

What does a member experience look like?

Meet Susan.

A long-time member of your credit union, Susan needs help with financing her new car. Her loan officer shows her side-by-side quotes from your CU insurance agency.

He hands her his iPad and she video-conferences with a licensed agent. Susan gets more than a loan. She saves money and has an exceptional experience― thanks to you.

Your website is ready to launch

And its got your name on it.

Our IT team will work with yours to integrate with your current website, create a robust and accessible database– with analytics-enabled capabilities. All of this gives you the ability to offer, market, and service multiple products― without additional staff or resources, while giving your members an easy and intuitive insurance selection and purchasing experience.

Lets Get Started

With ALLOY as your partner, you can drive up your net income, strengthen your member affinity and improve retention.

  • Competitive, broad lines of insurance solutions
  • Technology platform driven by predictive analytics
  • Analytics by product, carrier and program... in real time
  • Shared agency or completely outsourced solution
  • Policies and renewal income stay with you